About San Diego Zoo Global

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research is one of the largest zoo-based research centers in the world. Founded in 1975, it is dedicated to the conservation of animals, plants, and habitats worldwide, that help shape the vision of San Diego Zoo Global and its conservation efforts. At the Institute, staff helps to develop, gather, and increase the knowledge vital for the establishment of self-sustaining populations of wildlife.

San Diego Zoo

Voted the #1 Zoo in the world! The 100-acre Zoo is home to more than 3,500 rare and endangered animals representing more than 650 species and subspecies, and a prominent botanical collection with more than 700,000 exotic plants.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The Safari Park is an expansive wildlife sanctuary that is home to more than 3,000 animals representing more than 300 species. Its renowned botanical collection represents 3,500 species and 1.75 million specimens. Over half of the Park’s 1,800 acres have been set aside as protected native species habitat.

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